The next generation of seed adhesives – GECKO® Ultra

Losing the decoration materials that have been applied to the surface of the dough before the baked goods have been sold or consumed is annoying to the consumer and causes a financial loss to the baker because of the waste of material.

GECKO® Ultra solves this problem as it can be used to keep all sorts of seeds and toppings firmly fixed on the surface of the dough pieces. The superior adhesive strength, which is due to a specific refining process, helps to minimize the loss of topping materials by up to 70 per cent. This means that the use of GECKO® Ultra is advantageous not only because less decorating materials are lost but also because the production equipment requires significantly less cleaning and maintenance.

GECKO® Ultra is made from wheat flour and can be labeled as such. This makes GECKO® Ultra an excellent clean label ingredient.

Using GECKO® Ultra is very simple. Simply stir the GECKO® Ultra granules into water (ratio 1:10) to yield a suspension which can be applied via spraying, roller systems, manually with a brush or used in an immersion bath. For more information and instructions for use, please contact our sales representatives.