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Monika Skwierawski
Marketing & Communications
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Svenja Frank
Marketing & Communications
P +49 40 75109-632

Latest press releases

Maximum quality dough without additives

New functional flour Purafarin HydroSoft® from GoodMills Innovation enables the production of Clean Label baked goods and pizzas
Download Press Release "Maximum quality dough without additives"

European expectations of Clean Label

GoodMills Innovation’s new study reveals European consumer attitudes to natural foodstuffs / Results available free of charge
Download Press Release "European expectations of Clean Label"

GoodMills Innovation GmbH and
Meyerhans Mühlen AG form sales partnership

Customers profit from synergistic competences and comprehensive product portfolios
Download Press Release "GoodMills Innovation GmbH and Meyerhans Mühlen AG form sales partnership"

GoodMills Innovation unveils new logo

Revised corporate design under the umbrella brand Kampffmeyer
Download Press Release "GoodMills Innovation unveils new logo"

Low-dust flour contributes to hygienic bakeries

Tip-Top® Ultra Clean from GoodMills Innovation GmbH helps to keep production areas cleaner and prevents baker’s asthma.
Download Press Release "Low-dust flour contributes to hygienic bakeries"


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